Introducing Kristin Haverkamp La Brisa 2015 Summer InternIntroducing Kristin Haverkamp! La Brisa’s 2015 Summer Intern!

Hey, hey!! I MUST introduce you to somebody. Somebody awesome.

This sweet girl is Kristin.

Kristin is my 2015 Summer Intern. She is pursuing a degree in Photography at Kansas State University. I am so excited to have her by my side this summer as we capture love and big life moments!

~ Emma York

Here are a few things that Kristin wants you to know about her (in her own words):

  • I grew up in a tiny town in Kansas called Bern with around 200 people!
  • I have 2 older brothers and I got a sister-in-law last October!
  • I will play almost any sport, but am most competitive when I have a volleyball in my hands!
  • I will be a senior at K-State! Go Cats! And my major is Photography.
  • Jumping hay bales with my cousins on our family’s farm were some of my favorite times when I was younger!
  • I’m pretty sure I could only eat Mexican and Italian food and be completely happy!
  • I love SNOW!
  • I was born on Pearl Harbor…except 52 years later.
  • I really want to watch all 8 Harry Potter movies in a row!​​

Introducing Kristin Haverkamp! La Brisa's 2015 Summer Intern!
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