Little Lama Family Fundraising Appeal Nepal Earthquake Relief
SUCCESS! Photography For a Cause – Nepal Earthquake Relief! We raised $1,069.05 (not including direct donations) towards our $1,000 goal! YAY!!! Autumn, Emma, Luke, Sarah and I are incredibly grateful for everyone who supported us and shared our cause with others. You are the best!

Even though our print sale is over, they still need help. Please consider donating to the LITTLE LAMA FAMILY FUNDRAISING APPEAL directly:

All funds must be sent via Western Union and here’s how to send funds to the monastery:

  • When sending funds you will be asked the name of the receiver:
    • First Name — CHHUKI NGIMA
    • Last Name — TAMANG
    • Citizenship Certificate No.: 58/6338
  • Chhuki Ngima Tamang is the Assistant Financial Manager.
  • Once your fund transfer has been authorized by Western Union you will be given an MTCN code.
  • Once you have the MTCN please contact the monastery direct via their email address:
    • Kindly provide the following points of information:
      • Name of the Sender:
      • Date the fund was sent:
      • The country the fund was sent from:
      • Amount sent and the currency:
      • The MTCN code:
      • Are you willing for us to thank you on our FB page: YES or NO
      • Reason for the donation: LLF Fundraising Appeal May 2015
  • Once the monastery receive your email we will write to you and confirm receipt.
  • When the fund has been collected we will send you, via email, an authorized receipt for the amount received.

Here are a few of the photographs that were purchased yesterday!

Rainbow Over Capitol Building Washington DC

Lighthouse Sunrise Portland Maine

Hawaiian Coastline

Hawaiian Sunrise Kaelia Beach

Thanks again for being awesome everyone! We hope to host a new Photography For a Cause event this Fall to support another incredible cause!

~ Chris