Photography For a Cause Nepal Earthquake
Today, Thursday, May 7th, we will be launching a 5 day fine art photograph print sale via Photography For a Cause where 100% of print profits will be donated to the assistance and relief efforts for the victims of the Nepal earthquake via the Little Lama Family Fundraising Appeal! After the success of the Photography For a Cause for Nathan, we have decided to offer shorter pop-up style PFaC events that directly impact specific people; instead of the month long events of the past. The galleries are available for viewing now and will be available for purchase from Thursday, May 7th through Monday, May 11th! Please help us, help others by purchasing our fine art photographs! Preview Autumn, Emma, Luke, Sarah and my photographs for sale by clicking – PHOTOGRAPHY FOR A CAUSE!

La Brisa clients! Over the next three days, we will donate 100% of print profits from your online galleries as well! Purchase your prints @ La Brisa Client Galleries!

If you would like to donate to the LITTLE LAMA FAMILY FUNDRAISING APPEAL directly:

All funds must be sent via Western Union and here’s how to send funds via Western Union to the monastery:

  • When sending funds you will be asked the name of the receiver:
    • First Name — CHHUKI NGIMA
    • Last Name — TAMANG
    • Citizenship Certificate No.: 58/6338
  • Chhuki Ngima Tamang is the Assistant Financial Manager.
  • Once your fund transfer has been authorized by Western Union you will be given an MTCN code.
  • Once you have the MTCN please contact the monastery direct via their email address:
    • Kindly provide the following points of information:
      • Name of the Sender:
      • Date the fund was sent:
      • The country the fund was sent from:
      • Amount sent and the currency:
      • The MTCN code:
      • Are you willing for us to thank you on our FB page: YES or NO
      • Reason for the donation: LLF Fundraising Appeal May 2015
  • Once the monastery receive your email we will write to you and confirm receipt.
  • When the fund has been collected we will send you, via email, an authorized receipt for the amount received.

Thanks so much for your support and for sharing our cause with others!
~ Chris

The Nepal earthquake was devastating and that description is an understatement. When our amazingly talented photographer friend, Luke Townsend, asked if we would be willing to help out with the relief efforts, we said yes without hesitation. A few weeks prior to the earthquake, Luke visited the Nepal Jonang Buddhist Institute. Luke was greatly influenced by his time there and wants to help this demolished community as much as possible.Luke Townsend PFaC Nepal Littlelama.orgLuke Townsend PFaC Nepal Littlelama.orgCurrently they have established the Little Lama Family Fundraising Appeal to collect money for food. Many of the villagers have not eaten in numerous days. The lamas are donating their own food and supplies to assist with the relief efforts. 100% of donations will go towards feeding and helping the earthquake victims. Keep updated with their efforts by becoming a fan of their FB page –! Nepal Earthquake Relief Nepal Earthquake Relief Nepal Earthquake Relief Nepal Earthquake Relief Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts

You can purchase our fine art photographs starting today through Monday, May 11th at Photography For a Cause!

Photographs by Luke (click the link to go directly to Luke’s gallery):Luke Townsend PFaC Nepal Relief 2015Luke Townsend PFaC Nepal Relief 2015Luke Townsend PFaC Nepal Relief 2015

Photographs by Chris (click the link to go directly to Chris’ gallery):20140902_HsiehCruise_01020091228_PFaC2013_01220100404_PFaC2013_013

Photographs by Sarah (click the link to go directly to Sarah’s gallery):141029_hawaii_003140324_52weeks_001140227_dominicanrepublic_001

Photographs by Emma (click the link to go directly to Emma’s gallery):20141012_bestof2014_00120141012_bestof2014_001-220141005_bestof2014_001

Photographs by Autumn (click the link to go directly to Autumn’s gallery):20140827_FB_00120140711_FB_00120140706_FB_001

Please share our event with friends and events so that we can support the LITTLE LAMA FAMILY FUNDRAISING APPEAL as much as possible!