Holy 2014. We added Emma! We photographed the most WeddingsAttraction, Joy and Style Sessions in the history of La Brisa. We traveled, a lot. We made numerous mistakes and we learned from them. We made decisions and we learned from them as well. We continued to evolve what we do: our workflow, our education and our commitment to photography. 2014 afforded us so many growth opportunities and we definitely took advantage of each of them. We developed as photographers as evidenced by our FAVORITE IMAGES OF 2014 posts. Above all, we became a better team.

Thank you again to our amazing clients for their loyalty, trust and patience. We would not be where we are today without all of YOU. Your overwhelming support and enthusiasm for what we do is astounding. Honestly, every single day, we feel incredibly blessed because of you. You humble us with your reviews of our work, your referrals to your friends and the ways you interact with us via social media. With heartfelt sincerity, THANK YOU from all of us.

Autumn, Sarah and I completed our year long, weekly photo project, 52 Weeks of Awesomeness! For the 2nd time, we finished all 52 weeks and it awesome! We are planning to launch our next #52WoA sometime in 2015 and we hope that you will join us! Here are a few of our most popular images…52WoA_28_Autumn

For 2015, our goal is to focus on FREEDOM. Freedom to explore new opportunities. Freedom in our schedules. Freedom to maintain past relationships and to build new ones. Freedom to live a more balanced life. Freedom to say no. Freedom to take chances. Freedom to make choices without regrets. Oftentimes expectations from ourselves and from others can be overwhelming so we are striving to free ourselves from the negativity of those burdens in order to live life better. We hope our newfound freedoms will allow us to be much better with our creativity, our work ethic and our dedication to doing what we love. In the wise words of William Wallace…

2014 by the numbers for La Brisa Photography

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