Happy New Year!!! 2014 was an incredible year of photography for us. Not only were we blessed with amazing clients, but we also had the opportunity to travel to far away places, experience new cultures and see life differently. Fortunately, we were able to photograph a few of those opportunities and share the images with you via Photography For a Cause. Every April, we host PFaC where we sell our fine art photography images and donate 100% of profits to non-profit organizations. Here are a few of our favorite fine art/travel photographs from our travels in 2014 that will be available for purchase in this year’s PFaC!

Photographs by Autumn Shoemaker20140706_FB_00120140711_FB_00120140827_FB_00120140830_FB_00120141107_FB-320141107_FB

Photographs by Chris Hsieh20140222_DesertMuseum_00120140413_TidalBasinSunrise_00120140706_SunsetBeachSunrise_00120140830_HsiehCruise_00420140902_HsiehCruise_01020140905_HsiehCruise_040

Photographs by Emma York20141005_bestof2014_00120141012_bestof2014_001-220141012_bestof2014_00120141018_bestof2014_001

Photographs by Sarah Gudeman140227_dominicanrepublic_001140302_dominicanrepublic_002140324_52weeks_001141029_hawaii_001141029_hawaii_003141101_hawaii_004