Today, my parents celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. How amazing is that? My parents immigrated to the US from Taiwan in the late sixties, got married in the US, lived in 8+ states across the midwest and then eventually settled in California. They raised three incredible children and always provided for us even when they were counting pennies. Through it all, they are fulfilling their American dream and they taught me that while  marriage isn’t always perfect,  it is truly one of God’s greatest gifts to us.

From my mom, I learned generosity, the joy of laughter, the importance of an unending positive attitude, work ethic and how to communicate with others respectfully.

From my dad, I learned unconditional love and support, how to treat women, how my own character is the only constant that I can control in life, how to consider both sides of any situation and the power of graciousness.

My parents have molded me into the man, son, brother, uncle, husband, friend and business owner that I am today.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! You have truly developed the roots that enabled us to spread our wings. I love you both so much!

Chris (Your Favorite Son)

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