Happy Friday Everyone! We hope everyone has a safe and fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

Emma and I met Brandi and Hyatt at Pillsbury Crossing in Manhattan, KS for their Attraction Session. Brandi and Hyatt attended Crystal and Jon’s phenomenal wedding and so it was super awesome to see them again! They are two of the most down to earth people that I have ever photographed. Throughout their session, Brandi seamlessly transitioned from running shoes to heels to cowboy boots by kicking them off on the side of the road and not thinking twice about it. That is how we knew they are ideal La Brisa people!  We could tell how much Brandi and Hyatt wanted to please and attend to each other. After three years of marriage, they still act like a newly engaged couple!

Thank you again for trusting us with photographing your amazing relationship. We hope that you absolutely LOVE your images!

~ Chris

Images by Chris20140502_BrandiHyatt_001 20140502_BrandiHyatt_03020140502_BrandiHyatt_00820140502_BrandiHyatt_01020140502_BrandiHyatt_012

Images by Emma20140502_BrandiHyatt_00520140502_BrandiHyatt_006 20140502_BrandiHyatt_009 20140502_BrandiHyatt_00720140502_BrandiHyatt_03320140502_BrandiHyatt_038

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