Happy Friday everyone!

Today, I want to thank the community of Manhattan, KS for being awesome. From unofficially starting La Brisa in Fall 2007 through today, I am humbled and overwhelmed by the amount of support, encouragement and love from everyone in Manhattan, KS as a whole. In the last 6 years, your community has supported the growth of La Brisa from a photography whim to a successful multi-photographer business. The connections that I developed through your community enabled me to travel to Hawaii, The Bahamas, St. Lucia and everywhere in between to photograph incredible weddings. How is it possible that a community of roughly 60K people can continue to perpetually support La Brisa? From working with and engaging with numerous Manhattanites, the answer is quite simple: the loyalty and trust of its people. Everyone that I have ever met there is fiercely loyal. Once you have earned their trust, you have a client and an advocate for the rest of your life. They are the best collective group of people that I have ever met and they have taught me so much about the person (and business owner) that I strive to be. Above all, I am grateful for all of the clients that I authentically consider lifelong friends.

Thank you Manhattan, KS for everything you have done for La Brisa and for me. You rock.


Guess The Manhattan Location Contest!!!
To show a small amount of appreciation for all of your love and support, let’s play a little game called Guess The Manhattan Location Contest! Over the last couple of weeks, I have had the opportunity to photograph amazing relationships all over the Little Apple. Comment with the correct names of all 7 locations either below or on the La Brisa FB page. 1st person to comment accurately with all 7¬†locations will win a local food/retail gift card from me! Only one comment/entry per person will be accepted. Winner will be notified via facebook. Thanks!


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