I hosted my first ever APW in Oklahoma and it was beyond awesome! Aside from the ridiculous wind which apparently is normal in all of Oklahoma, the turnout was great, their questions were fantastic, their feedback was greatly appreciated and most importantly, our models were phenomenal! Hannah and Hank are incredibly genuine and I don’t remember ever photographing a serviceman who was so easy and willing to smile. Though, I also don’t know any other servicemen married to Hannah! They were perfect for the APW and I cannot thank them enough for driving all the way from Lawton to be voluntarily paparazzi’d. Thanks again for allowing all of us photographers to “picture” you!

~ Chris

Thank you to all of the participants who attended! I hope you were able to learn something and that this APW was helpful in your photography journey!
Brenna of B. Davis Photography
Cristina of Cristina Hughes Photography
Jessica of Komorebi Photography
Katie of Katherine Powers
Katy of Katy K. Photography
Lauren of Lauren L. Photography
Melanie and Clint of Melanie Summers Photography
Morgan of Morgan Leigh Meisenheimer
Paige of Paige W. Photography
Stephanie of Stephanie Dawn Photography (who shared an awesome write up of her APW experience – HERE)
Tina of Pure in Art Photography

If you are interested in future FREE La Brisa APWs, please request to join our FB group, HERE and send a FB message to me so that I can send you the rules of the group – www.facebook.com/christopherhsieh. APWs are Aspiring Photographer Workshops for photographers of any skill level/experience that we host as a way to give back to the photography community. Two rules of the group: 1) be kind. negative/unhelpful comments will be deleted. 2) be willing to share resources/experience/etc with everyone else!








Here are a few behind the scenes images by Tina of Pure in Art Photography of the participants (and mostly me) in action! Thanks Tina!20140425_BTS_001





For the month of April, Autumn, Chris and Sarah are selling their fine art photographs via Photography For a Cause where 100% of print profits are evenly donated to four amazing non-profit organizations! You can view details and our images for sale here – PHOTOGRAPHY FOR A CAUSE 2014 is LIVE!

A preview from Chris’ Photography For a Cause gallery!beach_trip-36-1235342340-o