On Saturday, I celebrated my 32nd birthday. Every year around this time, I like to reflect on La Brisa and share my thoughts (2010 and 2011). I never thought that La Brisa would become my life. And honestly, I would have it no other way. With the most appreciative humility, La Brisa has grown in clients and profits every year since it was created in 2008. Through the years, the talents of Autumn, B and Sarah have catapulted the dream of La Brisa into a reality. We all sincerely appreciate every client and supporter who continues to enjoy and share our work with others.  2014 sees us photographing more weddings and traveling more than ever. And we could not be more elated for every privileged opportunity that we receive. A huge thank you goes to my amazing wife, Brisa, for supporting and encouraging me especially when I have no idea what I am doing.

For La Brisa

  • After 6 years into my La Brisa journey, I finally realized what I want to do. In the next 5 years, my goal is to create a team of La Brisa photographers that span across the country. 5-7 photographers across the various regions of the US and 2-3 photographers in the Tucson/Phoenix area. I want to offer the La Brisa experience to as many potential clients as possible without sacrificing what makes us successful: engaging personalities, a unique client experience and creative images. Each photographer would serve their local market, but, more importantly, have a heart for travel and exploration.
  • Grow in depth. I want to make a conscientious effort to build the all around skills of the La Brisa team. From the way we see light to how we can manipulate it better to delving deeper in showcasing the relationships of our clients with posing, interaction and engagement. We need to photograph more intentionally for our clients and, idealistically, for ourselves to continue our growth as photographers. Finishing our 2013-2014 52 Weeks of Awesomeness and continue to pursuing it every year will only benefit us as photographers.
  • Give Back. Many photographers view the flood of DSLRs to the market as a threat to their livelihood and market share. More and more people are taking up the beauty and awesomeness of photography and it is an amazing time for growth for the photography industry. By hosting Aspiring Photographer Workshops (APW), we show photographers of all skill levels the how and why of our shooting style. In 2014, our goal is to host an APW at least once a month. With each and every new photographer, established photographers are being challenged to be more creative, push conventional notions of composition, exposure and focus in order to continue the evolution of the industry.

For me

  • Accomplish my 50 States by 2015 goal. Only 25 more states to go! Can you help me? More info HERE.
  • Give Back. I want Photography For a Cause to be massive this year by creating a dedicated website and experience that is outside of La Brisa. I want photographers to be so enamored with the concept of PFaC that they pro-actively inconvenience themselves to create amazing fine art photographs in order to participate every year.
  • Within five years, I want to build a database/network of Christian photographers. Obviously, there is not a legitimate way to ensure that X photographer has a relationship with Christ, but I would love to see a website where potential clients/fellow photographers can find a Christian photographer in their local area for business, networking, bible studies, mentorships, etc. How amazing would that be?

Here is an image of Brisa and me at my birthday dinner!2014-01-25 19.33.16