Originally, I met Amanda and John through our bible study at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church back in 2011(I think?). After they announced their engagement, I was incredibly flattered when they asked if I would be willing to photograph their wedding. Of course I said yes! Amanda and John’s wedding was perfect. From the weather, to the details, to the food and venues everything was exemplary which is such a testament to Amanda’s amazing planning. Most importantly though, Amanda and John radiated complete joyfulness throughout their entire day. There was a tangible love surrounding them that I honestly felt spread to everyone else. Their wedding was solely focused on their commitment to God and to each other and that is what made it absolutely perfect.

Congratulations again on your amazing wedding and thank you again for the privilege of photographing your perfect day!

~ Chris

Ceremony Venue Р Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church
Reception Venue – Rockefeller Hall
Cake Designer – Dacapo’s Bakery
Dress Designer – Pronovias
Hair Stylist – Visible Changes
Shoe Designer – J. Crew
Tuxedo Designer – Men’s Wearhouse

Bridesmaid Dress Designer – J. Crew

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