b, I couldn’t do a video. I did not want to be a blubbering mess.

Thank you for 4+ years of loyalty, commitment and awesomeness with La Brisa. You have influenced and improved La Brisa in countless ways and many of which you will never even realize. From the Bahamas to California to Texas and all across Kansas and Nebraska, we have traveled so much together (For several stretches of time, we saw each other more than we saw our spouses. Thanks Tim and Brisa for being so supportive!). From nearly getting killed at a shady Bahamas restaurant, to getting food poisoning the morning of a wedding (darn you Las Brisas Restaurant), to losing half of my memory cards from a wedding and then you finding them the next day, to capturing a bat in your home, to eating obscene amounts of food together (CHEESE STICKS & KOLACHES!), we have endless stories to tell and a lifelong friendship. What an incredible journey it has been!

I cherish the friendship that we have developed over the years. You know me so incredibly well and that is what made working with you such a joy and a privilege.

You are a phenomenal photographer. I wish I could claim that I helped get you to where you are today but that is asinine. You have developed your own creative style and ability to transform your subjects into works of art. In July of 2009, I made a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about you officially joining me at La Brisa and I knew then that your potential in photography was limitless. And then 7 months ago, you made THE ANNOUNCEMENT about starting your new business. Since you joined the team, you have photographed over 140 weddings and portrait sessions for La Brisa. Holy wow. Most importantly though is the impact that you have made teaching and helping other photographers grow their passion. You are an amazing GIVER.

I am incredibly proud of you and your new venture, www.justbphoto.com. You have created your own opportunities and I think you will be extremely successful. Keep shooting (especially boudoir!). Keep being yourself. Keep being awesomely weird and awkward.

Thank you for everything.

~ Chris


Here is what our phenomenal La Brisa Brides had to say about you:
“Not only did B photograph my wedding, she helped make one of the best days of my life outrageously perfect! She created memories that I will treasure for a lifetime…not only with photographs, but in her presence as well. She is insanely talented, empathetic, caring, genuine and an overall beautiful person. Inside and out. She was my chauffeur, counselor, cheerleader, personal attendant, entertainer and friend… all that on top of taking some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen! I could not have asked for anything more. I will leave you with two words. HIRE HER!”

“Before the day even started, we received short forms to fill out to let B know our schedule and if there were any specific shots that we wanted to get – which helped us get organized as well! On our wedding day, we were going all around town from the salon to the church, doing a first look, onto a trolley with no A/C, church for the ceremony, all around town (K-State Gardens, K-State football field, Tri-Delta sorority house, campus) and b was so involved in everything and had great ideas for photos that were not just head shots, but really unique and beautiful shots that we will frame! My husband and I, and so many people from the wedding party kept saying how great she was, you can just tell that she cares SO much about what she is doing and really has a passion for her job and about making your day as wonderful as possible. She was so patient, professional and so kind to all of our wedding party and guests but still made a connection with tons of people!”

“Any time future brides ask me for advice I tell them this: “You only take a few things with you from your wedding. Make sure you marry a good man and make sure you hire an amazing photographer.” It honestly kills me to hear that brides are unhappy with their pictures. I feel so blessed to have the most beautiful images from our wedding that we will be able to look at and have for a lifetime and more. B became part of our family that week. In fact, my little sister who is 7 years old, cried when she left. She cares so much about what she does, every little detail. As a bride, the day can slip away so fast. B was there to remind me to look around, soak in everything around me, “Just B” in the moment with my new husband. Our pictures are incredible… so incredible that people stop me in the grocery store or at meetings to tell me how amazing our pictures are. B is pretty much a celebrity in our town (and beyond). “

“I am an incredibly awkward individual and b makes you feel like a model, her excitement, energy, and eye for a killer shot reassure you that you’ve made a FABULOUS decision in hiring these pros. Our engagement session was so much fun! b was willing to go anywhere and do anything we wanted, making some pretty challenging shots look like a breeze. On our wedding day, b was there at every turn and remembering to capture moments that I never would have.”

“From the engagement shoot to the day of my wedding, B was absolutely wonderful. She was nothing short of spectacular. She was one of the key parts of making my wedding go smoothly. We are creeping up on our 1st year anniversary and every time I looks at the photos she created for us, I still tear up. Her work is some of the best I’ve seen and will probably ever see.”

Here are my favorite wedding images that you have created during your reign with La Brisa.



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Here are just a few images of B with our awesome La Brisa wedding clients!