Click PLAY to watch Chris share about Janel and Stephen’s phenomenal wedding in Boulder, CO!

Here is a review from Janel!
“Chris and the photographers at La Brisa are top-notch. They perfectly captured my perfect day. They take some of the best photos I have ever seen, whether it be wedding, family, engagement, etc. and I’m so happy to have such wonderful photos of our wedding. Beyond the photos, they are just great people in general! They’re so incredibly helpful throughout the entire day. They were quick to help with the little things all day, from setting up our DIY photo booth, to starting my hot car, and running to grab our marriage license. They were unbelievable and they went above and beyond our expectations as to what a photographer does. La Brisa definitely helped made my day stress-free! On top of being completely AWESOME the day of, they had teasers for us by the end of the reception, photos posted online in just over a week, and our digital copies in the mail in two weeks. Kudos to you, La Brisa!”

Ceremony Venue: Boulder Country Club
Reception Venue: Boulder Country Club
Caterer: Boulder Country Club
Wedding Coordinator: Mallorie Pettigrew of Boulder Country Club
Cake Designer: Tee and Cake
Dress Designer: Allure Bridal
Hair Stylist: Amy Cabrera with Salon Republic
Makeup Designer: Steele the Spotlight
Shoe Designer: Cluster Studios – Design Your Pedestal (Lulu Townsend)
Florist: Fiori Flowers
Tuxedo Designer: Calvin Klein
Bridesmaid Dress Designer: Bill Levkoff

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