Someday, I would love to have children and when they come, I want to do it well and I want to do it right. While growing up, one of the most important concepts my parents instilled in me was that it is best to be who I am. I will admit, I preach this concept so much more willingly than I practice it. However, I want my future children to know that they are allowed to let their freak flags fly, they are allowed to like football instead of barbies or math instead of football. That they can stick up for themselves and others when being judged or picked on.

Whoa. Let’s back up and get to the real reason I am divulging such an obscure message compared to other posts. I had the pleasure of photographing one of the most phenomenal women I have ever met. She had turquoise hair(usually pink), an impeccable sense of humor, heart shaped shades and three children under the age of five. Since our shoot, I have been following her blog and am incredibly impressed by the message she delivers daily. Through struggles and joys it is best to be true to yourself. It is best to just be. From the tiny glimpse of how she allows her life to unfold, I can only aspire to be as carefree yet poignant as she.

I could have written about how great her kids were (they were awesome), or how fun the beach was (it was awesome), or even how happy I am with how it went (I am awesome) but meeting the C Family struck a chord that needed to be struck.

Follow this lovely lady and her brood on her blog at 

Thank you again for selecting La Brisa to photograph your amazing family. I hope that you LOVE your images and I cannot wait until next time!

You can view more images from their session on the La Brisa Facebook page by clicking HERE.

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