Happy Birthday to our very own autumn! b and I (and a few people you may know) just wanted to wish you a ridiculously awesome day filled with happiness, joy and blessings because you deserve it! Hope you feel the love today!

autumn is awesome because…

…she sees things in a unique way and she never gives up! And, she’s the daughter of a Big Deal! ~ Mom

…she uses the word awesome at least 78 times per day. (Mostly when describing herself, her dog, or her photography). ~ Jared

…she’s awesome at life. Happy Birthday! ~ Nikki

…we’ve been friends since 2nd grade. We created mayhem in middle school and took the real world by storm come college. We have had 3– count them THREE jobs together– including our current occupations. Although we are VERY different— we find humor in the same things— and pretty much can cut you at your knees with our sarcasm…– (seriously- we can be really mean) My life has always had Autumn in it— and although our lives change and we move towards different things— we haven’t lost sight of having a hopefully lifelong friendship. Happy Birthday Shoemaker—-! Here’s to 25 more. ~ Christy

…autumn is the epitome of awesome. All day. Every day. She makes the days at work so fun and entertaining.. It’s not every day you find a friend in a co-worker, but I have – and am SO BLESSED to call Autumn an awesome friend!! She has the most laid back and carefree spirit, and remains true to herself at all times. No matter what. She is constantly making me laugh with her quick wit and harsh sarcasm, which to me are the two best qualities a human can have! You make me a more carefree, more fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl and I totally appreciate you for that! Keep being awesome! Oh, yeah.. and happy birthday!!!!! ~ Kendra

…she’s the Sydney Bristow of real life; defying all odds and looking good doing it. And because she’s related to me. ~ Hanna

…when someone steps on a rusty nail at her parents house, she is there to help stop the bleeding (even when her older brother runs away from the situation in fear). ~ Jackie

…she upholds her unalienable right to be Autumn. In the one short year that I have had the pleasure of knowing her, she has positively and deeply influenced me and my life. I am very appreciative of this woman and her unwavering friendship. I wish her all of the best for her birthday and beyond. To my LBP PIC, EAT ALL THE CAKE!!! ~ b

…she is my twin! Its truly a compliment to be told all the time that I look just like this beautiful little lady! Her ferociousness towards all that she does is inspiring! I’m so glad that I know you Autumn! ~ Megan

…I don’t know autumn all that well, but I’ve come to learn that Autumn and Coffee are synonymous. And since Coffee is awesome, Autumn must be awesome, right? ~ Michael

…I’ve known autumn as long as I’ve known my wife. That said, Autumn will always be wifey #2. You’ve stuck with me through ups and downs and I know you’ll be a very important part of Christy and my life for a long time to come. Love ya girl, stay awesome. ~ Robbie

…she is a chameleon. She can hang out with the Porsche driving, North Face wearing delta bravos on the beaches of California and she also feels quite at home barefoot and dirty in the great plains of the midwest. Her whimsical spunk is her undeniable legacy. Thank you for making La Brisa a billion times better. Happy Birthday, Kansas! ~ Chris

Here are a few images of autumn in action from her visit to Houston this past weekend!