I met Kendra at K-State where we bonded over our mutual dislike of Finance 450 and LOVE for good wine. When we first talked about doing a session, I was SO EXCITED. I don’t think my friends know how happy it makes me to photograph them. We did it early in the afternoon, creating a challenge for me but it only made me want to shoot midday more often! I’ll have to remember this equation: Direct light+Awesomely reflective alley walls=AWESOME AWESOMENESS. Oh, and a HUGE shout out to T-Man for being such a great sport. Jezebelle misses you!

Thank you again for selecting La Brisa to photograph your Attraction Session. I hope that you LOVE your images and I cannot wait to see you again!

You can view more images from their session on the La Brisa Facebook page by clicking HERE.

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