Where do I start? Is this a sad story, or a mystery, or maybe even a science fiction thriller? Nah, how about a short story in a book of a lot of short stories?

Let’s call this Chapter or Volume 1 with many more to come.

Once upon a time a young married couple moved from Georgia to Manhattan, KS. A few weeks later, the husband deployed and the wife was alone. (Don’t worry, it gets better.)

The wife (we’ll just call her b) started her transition to become a wildcat and started looking for a job. Deep down, b wanted to be a photographer and thought that she could work for a local studio or maybe even intern. Well, she was wrong, most established photographers choose not to hire people who have no idea what they are doing (probably a good call). This was disheartening. However, during this magical hunt, b was introduced to Chris, a staff member at Career and Employment Services and owner of La Brisa Photography.

For two months, b followed Chris around like a puppy dog. B devoured the information and experience Chris provided and loved everything about photographing people. The rest of the story can be told by a progression of photographs all set in the magical Flint Hills.

Throughout the last 2.5 years I have had the distinct pleasure of living in Manhattan. I couldn’t imagine a better community for evolving my photography career.

I have made lifelong friends, worked with amazing clients and have thoroughly enjoyed the memories this town has provided.

Thank you, Manhattan, for being completely amazing to me. This chapter of my life has been quite a whirlwind and so very humbling at the same time. Your continued support has helped Chris and I do what we love and I can’t begin to express how much you all mean to us. Thank you again, I look forward to visiting soon!

The End.

(for now!!)