Tomorrow is b’s last day in Manhattan, KS and I just wanted to write a quick thank you for all of the awesomeness that she has brought to La Brisa so far. I am ridiculously excited that she will be continuing with La Brisa as she relocates to Augusta, GA, but I just wanted to highlight how appreciative I am of her time and work in Manhattan where it all started for La Brisa. As often occurs in our world today, I met b through a random happenstance two and a half years ago and it is rather amazing what we have both been able to accomplish together. Thank you b for all of your efforts, creativity and friends that you have made for La Brisa in Manhattan. You are a phenomenal photographer and an even better person. Thank you for helping make La Brisa as successful and awesome as it is today.

One of the best ways to honor an awesome relationship is to remember how it all started…

After meeting b, we shot together probably every day for a month. And prior to my prodding, she was willing to do whatever it took to get the shot. At the time, I had no idea that she would join La Brisa, but maybe, subconsciously, I did…

The summer of 2009 was ridiculously hot temperature wise, but b always wanted to come and shoot with me. Her thirst for experience and learning was incredible.

Amy and Steve’s awesome wedding was the first one that we ever photographed together. B was attentive, incredibly helpful and engaging. Everyone loved her.

By this time, I knew I wanted b to join me at La Brisa. So I made her switch from Nikon to Canon…

I am quite sure b is going to hate me for posting these two images, but I had to because on the right is my favorite self portrait of b ever. And on the left, you see b modeling at one of the La Brisa Aspiring Photographer Workshops! (you’re welcome b!)

During our journey together, b got a tattoo, to show her heart to everyone she photographs.

After working together for awhile, you build a rapport with each other, well, apparently, our specialty is photographing each other photographing others. On the La Brisa Facebook Page, we have created five (and growing) albums of behind the scenes candids entitled Purely Ridiculousness I, II, III, IV and V.

And now, this is what we are like at our sessions. In this sequence, we are trying to figure out how we want to pose our clients. Yes, we are ridiculous and I love it.