What happens when you schedule a sunrise Attraction Session and 30 minutes into the shoot, you lock your keys with all of your camera gear in the trunk? Well, you work with whatever you got, call AAA and have seriously the most understanding and amazing clients ever. Crystal and Jon, thank you for not making me 100x worse than I already did by being so gracious about my idiocy. Yes, I am an idiot. Thankfully, Crystal and Jon were awesome sports and the hiccup did not faze their gorgeousness!

Check out Crystal’s amazing blog, Crystal Cattle, to read about life as an Ag Girl and you can follow her on twitter – @crystalcattle. Also, go visit Jon’s website, JJB Cattle Company, and you can follow him on twitter – @jjbcattleco!

Thank you again so much for selecting La Brisa to photograph your engagement images. I am incredibly excited to see you again at your wedding day!

You can view more images from their session on the La Brisa Facebook page by clicking HERE.

The next two images are why I love Crystal and Jon and why I am ridiculously excited for their upcoming wedding!