On Saturday, my heart was overwhelmed with joyfulness. Seriously. In 5 seconds of real time, I was reminded of what faith, hope and love truly is. And how tangible and visually emotional love can be. During those 5 seconds, I saw Lisa see her son in the US for the first time and ultimately united forever. August 13th, 2011 is the day that Archie came home to his family. Please, I highly encourage you, read their blog about Archie’s story – Eicherumba! Here is an excerpt from one of their most recent posts:

“I woke up this morning unsure of whether yesterday was real or a dream. I peeked in my son’s bedroom and saw his sweet little face sound asleep. I still cannot believe he is here.”

Yes, go read Archie’s incredible story now. You will laugh and cry and their story will reassure you of the absolutely amazing people in this world who are compassionately passionate about giving their abundance of love to others.

I joined the fantastic Whitney of Whitney Runyon Photography to help our friends’ document the momentous occasion of seeing their adopted son at home for the first time. The entire experience was breathtaking.

You can view more images from the homecoming on the La Brisa fanpage – Archie’s Homecoming!

This was the moment where my heart skipped a beat and I was held breathless.

The anticipation of Archie’s arrival was the hardest thing to watch.

This was the beginning of those 5 seconds when Lisa saw her son for the first time in the US.

I loved seeing everyone reacting to Archie.

Archie’s new aunts and grandparents were sooooo excited to welcome him home!

This was the showstopper.

Brother and sister united and…

…already playing together!

Whitney took some family portraits and I could not help but take a few myself.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE the way that Archie’s new aunt Abby is looking at him. Sooooo sweet.


My favorite image of Archie.