For the latest La Brisa Aspiring Photographer Workshop (APW), on the left is how our sunrise engagement session started and on the right is how it ended.

In about two hours, we experienced laughter, community, enjoyment AND fear, pain, unselfishness and bonding. The morning was, in a word, incredible. Our models for the morning, Elizabeth of Elizabeth Debusk Photo & Design and her fiancé, Ande, were the first to sprint over to assist the victims of the accident. While we were finishing the APW, we all hear a brilliant pop behind us and as we turn around, we see a big rig flipping over in the middle of the road about 500 yards away. It looked and felt like a Hollywood action sequence. As far as I know, everyone involved are okay. You can read an article about the accident by Lauren Gocken – HERE. Unfortunately though, in her unselfish desire to help, Elizabeth suffered burns on the bottom of her feet on the hot asphalt. She is doing much better now and I am still absolutely amazed at how she and Ande so quickly reacted to helping others.
Thank you to everyone who woke up before dawn for the latest La Brisa APW! I hope you were able to learn something as well as network with other awesome local photographers!
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The attendees:
Melisha Blair of Melisha Blair Photography
Christalina Estrella of Christalina Photography
Lauren Gocken of Lauren Gocken Photography
Vanessa Harding-Bey
Chrystal Heckman of Chrystal Rae Photography
Chris Lollar
Mikki Minocha
Lisa Mulvaney of Lisa Marie Photography
Dana Obermeyer of On Vintage Wings
Julie Smith of D & J Smith Photography
Jackie Wilson of Wilson Photography
Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to view unflattering behind the scenes candids of the photographers in action! 

You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, I think this one just leaves you speechless.