Happy Friday! Today, I’m going a little backwards, but I just HAD to share this super fun engagement session with Jen and Jason! You may recall them from their absolutely incredible wedding – Jennifer & Jason | Wedding | San Martin, CA | Chris, well the day before their wedding, we met up for a mini-engagement session and awesomeness occurred.

What’s even cooler is that Jen is working in Houston for the week and emailed me! We had the opportunity to hang out and I took her to our bible study group last night. Isn’t that awesome? I love it when our clients become our friends and I think that that is the ultimate compliment to what we want to accomplish at La Brisa.

Enjoy the images and have a wonderful weekend! =)

I love this photo because I think it depicts Jen and Jason so incredibly well. Jen is climbing up to go down the slide while Jason is making sure that the slide is clean enough/okay for her to go down. 

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