Hello Monday! I had a fantastically awesome weekend in Phoenix for Michelle and Kyle’s wedding and you can view a few teasers on the facebook page here – Michelle & Kyle | Wedding Teasers!
Today, I want to share with you something very dear to me, my family! Last week, my sister’s family visited from Virginia and we had a phenomenal time hanging out, eating and most importantly, playing with my adorable nephews! Here are a few images from throughout their visit with us! =)

Meeting Jeremiah for the first time at the airport!

Jeremiah and Elvis bonded quite quickly!

What a little studmuffin!

Matthias and Elvis also bonded rather quickly!

Love this little dude!

I set up a tent in our family room and here are Matty and his mom watching Toy Story 3!

This actually happened.

Dad reading a story to Matty.

We headed out to Jacob’s alma mater, Rice University, to show his sons where daddy went to college.

All of us at Amy’s Ice Cream!

On the last day, we gave Jeremiah a MUCH needed haircut and look how much cuter he is now! =)

Aunty Brisa and Jeremiah.

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