Happy Friday everyone! Today, I’m really excited to introduce a rockstar photographer and twitter buddy turned real friend, Jenny! I followed her amazing talents and am always awestruck by her work, especially her senior portraits! She has an incredible zest for life and I think that characteristic is evident in every photograph she creates. Thank you Jenny for taking the time to answer a few questions for the blog!

Chris: Let’s start with a little bio, tell me about yourself.

Jenny: Hi! Telling you a little bit about me is like trying to write a paragraph and encompass the whole Harry Potter series. LOL bad analogy, but I’m full of ’em. I’m a little bit of everything. I come from a big family and love every minute of it. I’m a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a Godmother, a girlfriend, a photographer, a Buckeye, a lover and a fighter (hehe), a pole dancer, a shopper, a crier, a laugher…the list goes on. I have the ability to run a gamut of emotions in a matter of seconds. My chest gets tight when I’m in Ohio Stadium and everyone sings Carmen Ohio. I miss my dad more than anything and would give anything for a few more minutes with him, there is so much I wish I could’ve asked him. But enough about that. 

I’m a lifestyle portrait photographer based in Beavercreek, Ohio. I work for a fabulous photographer, Dave Lesko. He’s taught me more than I learned in school. I couldn’t ask for a better job!

I have my own blog – www.jenniferlbarnes.blogspot.com
The studio’s website – www.leskophotography.com
Facebook – Jenny Barnes

Chris: How did you become a photographer?

Jenny: Honestly, I couldn’t tell you the first time I picked up a camera…all I know is that I started early. I was always the one taking pictures of everything. Eventually, I took over my dad’s Minolta and was taking every photography class that my jr high and high school offered… After high school, for some reason, I decided to take a different route for a career (hence the OSU Buckeyes) but eventually came back to my true love. I attended OIP&T (now known as Kaplan College) and learned even more about photography. I was lucky enough to go work for one of the top photographers in Ohio at Lesko and the rest is history. =)

Chris: Why should I book you as a photographer?

Jenny: Well, the obvious answer is because I’m good. LOL just teasing. But really, I am. I strive to get to know my clients, make each session comfortable and natural. I love capturing moments. People don’t realize how important photography is…Having lost my dad last year and just this past weekend my grampa, every photo ever taken of me and these men is absolutely priceless…I wish we would’ve done more professional photos of the family thru the years…They are so important and I love being able to capture those moments for other people!

Chris: How would you describe your style?

Jenny: This is something I struggle with…I can’t describe it in a couple words. Each session is different. I base everything I do on the subjects I’m working with. I try to keep things simple, I don’t clutter up my images with poses and ‘stuff.’ I try to keep them as natural as possible. I just follow the mood of the couple, or family, or children and go from there.

Chris: What’s in your camera bag?

Jenny: We use Canon 5Ds. For my senior sessions, I generally use a long zoom 70-200 f/2.8. Other lenses include an 85 f/1.2, 50 f/1.2, 24-70 f/2.8 and a few other wide lenses.

Chris: If you had to pick your favorite piece of equipment, what would it be and why?

Jenny: Oh man, that’s hard, but I have a 135 f/2.0 and it’s awesome. I love all the yummy images I make with that lens…it’s fabulous.

Chris: What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?

Jenny: First and foremost, learn everything you can. Photography is basically a study of light and lighting correctly. Know when to keep a hobby a hobby. There is so much to learn when it comes to doing photography correctly and people want to just buy a camera and start charging people close to nothing. Learn. Study. Practice. Sure it’s tons of fun, but there are lots of technical aspects to this profession.

Chris: Care to share 5 recent photographs?

Jenny: I would LOVE to share some photos with you…but picking just 5…holy geez, where to begin…

This image is one of my favorites. I love taking boudoir and pin-up photos. These women are so brave to do a session like this and it makes them feel beautiful, which they should!

This is Lindsey. She was one of my favorite seniors this year…we became instant buddies. She’s a swimmer and wanted some pics done at the pool, natch. There were people there and the lighting was less than flattering but I got some seriously rocking images and was so pleased with this.

Now…it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include at least one pic of at least one my nieces. I adore all 4 of my beautiful nieces and this precious angel is my newest one, Logan. I photograph the girls whenever I can and the images never disappoint me.

Doing fun things with wedding parties is one of my favorite things to do. I love the contrast of everyone all dressed up against such a rugged background…Not to mention that my hot boyfriend is in this =)

This is clearly not the best photo I’ve ever taken but it’s of one of my favorite subjects, my ‘son’ Swayze. The light coming in the kitchen was pretty and he was cute as ever, I just couldn’t resist! =)

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