Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend with plenty of gratefulness, laughter and surrounded by the people you love and cherish!

Today, I am excited to introduce a couple of guest bloggers to run the show! Please help me welcome Jessica and Justin to the blog! =) Thanks again so much for selecting me to photograph your engagement session!

And a special thanks to Dana Nordyke Photography for her assistance!

The Proposal!

Justin – As amazing of a girl as Jessica is, I wanted to plan a really special day that involved many of our memories from dating. I knew that I also wanted the day to include many surprises as well (although it is extremely hard to keep a secret from Jessica)! Jessica and I really enjoy Manhattan and we met at K-State, so it was the perfect location for me to propose. On our engagement day, the weather was perfect outside. I had prepared a scrapbook with pages containing stories or memories of certain locations around Manhattan. As we progressed through the day, we took pictures at many locations where we met surprises along the way (Jessica’s parents, my parents, and my sister and brother-in-law).

I can remember how excited Jessica was the entire day. She was also very excited to turn the pages quickly to get to the final one. We loved to look back on the story of us and how we are discovering our love for God and each other. The funniest memory was watching Jessica down three pink lemonades at the Manhattan mall because she was so nervous. Who knew she would be so thirsty? At our final location, I had chosen Annenberg Park. There at a bench, I kneeled down to ask the love of my life, “Jessica Heath will you spend the rest of your life with me, Jessica Leanne Heath, will you marry me?” She said yes, and the many pages of the scrapbook will continue!

Jessica – April 17th, 2010 is the best day of my life so far, I know it will be beat out by our wedding though! Justin did such a great job surprising me with the proposal. As soon as the day started and the scrapbook was brought out, I knew what was coming. What I didn’t know was how thoughtfully he had planned out the perfect engagement – with all of the spots special to our story and people special to our lives. A visit to Bramlage Coliseum, Vista Drive In, City Park, K-State and several more provided a trip down memory lane. One of the best parts of the whole day was getting to Annenberg Park where he FINALLY proposed! 🙂 There were a ton of people out and about on the beautiful day, including a huge barbeque going on right next to the bench he proposed at. As we were walking to the bench we ran into one of Justin’s friends and the conversation that ensued was sufficiently awkward as Justin was minutes from popping the question. It was a perfect day and I can’t wait to spend our life together!

The Engagement Session!

More than anything we wanted a relaxed session where we could really show our personalities. We didn’t just want the typical posed pictures, we wanted a more candid look – which we definitely got! Pictures are really important to us and we knew we would be using these for Save the Date cards and more for our wedding – so we really wanted to make sure and get pictures we loved! After the session, we realized we were terrible at skipping, and writing “LOVE” with a  flashlight! Really though, we had a wonderful time and wanted to relive every moment, outfit, pose and location. We had such a good time at our session it was like the feeling you have after you laughed a lot with an old friend. Justin and I were 1000% comfortable, we couldn’t believe how well it had gone and how comfortable Chris made us. The amount of time Chris and Dana spent with us was so impressive. Also, the willingness to go anywhere we wanted to go for pictures. It would have been so easy for Chris to just snap a few pictures for us – especially when we will have so many pictures coming up at the wedding. Chris made us feel like he had nothing else in the world going on – he just wanted to take wonderful pictures for us!

Favorite photograph?

Justin – While there are more serious ones that I knew we will cherish, this picture really captures us and our personalities. We are always smiling and laughing and this picture shows who we really are!

Jessica – I love the lighting, the look on our faces, the sun, everything about it. I feel like it is exactly what we were looking for – and will be a picture that we enjoy forever!

Here are a few more photos!

Sorry you two, but I HAD to include this one! Makes me laugh everytime! You are the best! =)

They’re “LOVE” turned out quite well if I do say so myself!

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