I met Kyle through our grad school program at Kansas State University and then we got to know each other much better when he and his beautiful wife, Amanda, joined our bible study group! Well it was awesome in Manhattan, KS and even more awesome when they moved to my hometown in California! When I was at home recently, I had the opportunity to photograph them again and their newest addition, Yogi! At the bottom, I’ve also included a few photographs that I took of them back in Kansas which I still can’t believe I never blogged!

Amanda is a fabulous photographer in her own right and you should definitely check out her work – Amanda Michelle Photography and you might recognize her from this blog post – Phun Photographers having Phun and from our La Brisa Photography Fan Page where you’ll see her in the Purely Ridiculous album! =)

Great seeing you two again and thanks so much for the opportunity to photograph your growing family!

Amanda answered a few questions about her session!

What was the best part of your session?
Being able to feel completely comfortable with such an inspiring and energetic photographer!

How did you feel after your session?
Extremely satisfied and grateful!

What made your session special?
They were our first pictures that included the new addition of our gamily, Yogi Bear!

Which are favorite photos and why?

Favorite of Yogi, totally captures who he is.

Love the textured wall and this is definitely our family in a nut shell. I am always laughing at Kyle’s jokes and Yogi is pretty much terrified of anything other than us.

Favorite of Kyle, love the coloring of the photo.

Kyle’s favorite of the two of us.

Love Love the shoes in the background.

My favorite of the two of us. Love the editing to make it look like an older photo.

Here are a few of my favorites from their session!

This photo makes me laugh everytime I see it and if you knew these two, you’d say it’s rather appropriate! =)

Amanda, you are gorgeous!

Love how the light beautifully highlights her face

One of those moments that makes you happy

And here are a few from their as yet blogless session in Manhattan, KS!

Again, Amanda and Kyle, you have so many perfect moments!

And then it started raining. Like biblically. So naturally, we took a photo (unfortunately poor execution though).

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