When I was back in my hometown of San Jose, CA, I had the distinct privilege and opportunity of photographing one of my friends from high school and her amazing family! Instead of having me babble on about how awesome they are, I asked Kiana to answer a few questions about their session!

Thank you again so much for having me take your family portraits! I had so much fun with Dylann! Hope that you LOVE the photos!

Why did you schedule a family session?
We scheduled a family session because one day we woke up and realized our little boy was not little anymore and we had not yet had a family session together. We have been through so much as a family and we are very close knit so it was about time we captured that in some photos to cherish forever. We have plenty of pictures of just one of us with Dylann, but we don’t have any family pictures together.

What was the best part of your session?
The best part of the session was walking around the historical museum and feeling so casual and relaxed as we watched Dylann have a good time. The creativity in the shots was good to see. If you ask Dylann, his favorite parts were getting to take pictures using your camera and getting to yell “Ice Cream” and days of the week.

How did you feel after your session?
After our session we were very excited to see the results and very satisfied with the experience. We were so happy with how you worked with Dylann.

What made your session special?
The candid style was what made our session so special. There was lots of laughter and silly moments and walking on walls and hanging from lights were just a few moments to show that anything went during this photo session.

Which are your favorite photos and why?

This was the first couple shots but you can tell that Dylann is already comfortable and it was a great first family photo.

Great candid moment (what is funny is our favorite engagement photo is just like this one but without Dylann in it, so it was so strange to see that).

Dylann is the center of our world and the innocence of this picture is great.

I know this is Dylann’s feet, but the artistic approach captures a lot of Dylann’s personality oddly enough

Another great family photo

Dylann is a superhero now. He is convinced by this picture of him walking on the wall.

Great to get a quick shot of us.

Dylann loves railroad tracks and this was a great shot.

Great candid playful moment. Dylann was having a great time playing tag.

And here are a few of my own favorites from their session!

Special thanks to Dylann for taking this photo!

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