Happy Friday everyone! In continuing with our Q&A Photographer series, I’m happy to introduce the amazing Jeremy of Jeremy Clay Photography! Prepare to be blown away by his creativity and eye for the dramatic!
Check out Jeremy’s work:
Chris: Let’s start with a little bio, tell me about yourself.

Jeremy: Jeremy Matthew Clay. Male. 28. Unhealthy addiction to butter chicken, sour gummi worms and Japanese pop music. Born and raised in a small town in eastern Ontario; never had money to play hockey, but I bet I would have been great at it. Currently live in Toronto with my girlfriend (and amazing photographer in her own right), x2 cats and leftover butter chicken (for now).

Chris: How did you become a photographer?

Jeremy: This is the most cliche answer to ‘how did you start X career…,’ but I ‘started’ young. My first camera was a gold Konica film camera which I used in a project for Grade 5 – the shots it made [for the project] were terrible, I’m sure, but my mom praised it endlessly and set ideas in my head. From there, I picked up a Nikon F…65?…end of high school/start of college, and shot friends and some truly terrible ‘fashion’ and ‘glamour’ photographs with it. I learned to develop my own film through my college’s graphic design course which taught entry level photography – after that, I picked up a Canon Powershot A70 and then a Digital Rebel (300D) and began shooting a bit more seriously (ironically, I purchased the Rebel with the last of my student loan money, and took an earful over wasting money on electronic toys from previously mentioned mom). Before I knew it, friends and their friends were paying me to take their photographs.

Chris: Why should I book you as a photographer? 

Jeremy: I firmly believe this is not a question that there’s a correct answer for; couples who has asked ‘why should we book you?’ I’ve told ‘because you love my work.’ Hopefully, that isn’t followed with an awkward silence. There are so many different couples with varying tastes in photography/personalities/styles…often, they just need to find a photog whose work ‘fits’ them.

Chris: How would you describe your style?

Jeremy: Photojorunitorial. Unfortunately, that sounds like janitorial, so I’ll elaborate – we shoot pretty strict photojournalism during all parts of the wedding day, then when give the freedom for formal and creative photos our angle is a fashion editorial look. Now, it seems many modern photographers consider putting a scowl on the bride and lighting a shot with a flash outdoors to be fashion; we prefer to take it a bit more seriously and embody a bit more of what real fashion is.

Chris: If you had to pick your favorite piece of equipment, what would it be and why?

Jeremy: I can’t say I could do without my Canon 24-70L. It simply does everything and does it superbly from full bodies to portraits. It is my go to for most any photo job I take on; it is durable, reliable and invaluable to what I do.

Chris: What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?

Jeremy: When you’re shooting that first kiss, shooting that Olympic event, shooting that couture-cloaked model – remember to breathe. It helps. 

Here are 5 recent examples of Jeremy’s amazing work!
I feel this shot pretty much was a highlight capture from this wedding – the power and drama in her pose; the deep inhale of the bride; this shot packs a story and a wallop
Again, what I feel is a powerful and storytelling shot (more in the context of the series printed in their album). Here, our newly married bride visits her grandmother at home who was too ill to attend her ceremony.
This is pretty damned cool, even though it makes x2 dance shots.
Currently, my ‘I’ll show this shot to everyone I meet’ photo. This changes over time, however.
Marriage, in a nutshell. *Kidding!* 😀

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