Anne and Sam. Sam and Anne. How cute do they sound already? Seriously, right??? Well, we started out at the campus at Kansas State University, then went to Top of the World at Washington Marlatt Memorial Park and then finished at their favorite hang out at Radina’s Coffeehouse and Roastery! Throughout the session, Anne and Sam wow’d me with their adorability (it’s a real word, I checked)! The one thing that I truly loved about these two was their perpetual awareness of each other. They always knew physically and emotionally where each other were and that connectiveness was absolutely amazing and I think it is fairly evident in the photos!

Thank you again so much for selecting me for your engagement session and Brand and I are SUPER excited for your upcoming wedding this summer! =)

Asked them to kiss, set the camera timer, ran away as quickly as possible and voila! Love how the door frames their reflection!

Adorability. Proof.

Sam really likes the architecture of the Beach Museum and so I wanted to highlight that while Anne looks incredibly cute

Sam getting fresh (under my direction, of course! =)

So I told them that I wanted to take an album cover type shot and asked them to just own it. They succeeded to say the least.

My favorite photographs are the ones that totally exude emotion. Emotions from the subjects and emotions from anyone viewing it. Done and done.

One of my favorites.

We were having a little fun and I absolutely love love love Anne’s expression!

Kissably close

Rockin it once again. Fabulous shoes Anne!

Another one of my favorites!

One thing I noticed about Anne and Sam: they never do anything halfway. Go big or go home. I dig it.

Love, happiness and total attraction.

Finished up with a cup of coffee =)

Last favorite of the night!

Anne’s also an AMAZING portrait photographer! Definitely check out her work! =)

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