Are you interested in future APWs? Awesome! I have a private Facebook group for all participants to chime in on workshop topics/locations as well as for photograph critiques from APWs and in general! To get yourself on the invite list either a) add me as a friend on facebook ( or b) comment on the La Brisa Photography fan page (!

APWs are intended for photographers of all abilities as an opportunity for me to give back to my local community/industry by sharing my (limited) experience, knowledge and passion for photography as well as to share/challenge/network to improve the amazing industry of photography! You can check out some of ridiculous fun that we’ve had in past workshops by clicking on this link: La Brisa APWs! I’m tentatively planning to have the next APW in Manhattan, KS on the evening of June 11th!

Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement in enabling me to host (and have a demand) for APWs! =)

And here’s a hilarious picture of me strutting my stuff to show our model at the latest APW – Fashion Inspired Senior Portraits! Thanks (kinda) to Kim Kravitz Photography for showing me in action!

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