Happy Friday everyone! I was planning on posting another awesome client sessions, when I decided that Fridays are for fun and so I wanted to share a little personal reflection with all of you! Back in July of 2009, I made a Big Announcement that Brandi was joining me at La Brisa Photography and although we have not even known each other for a year now, La Brisa Photography and myself have GREATLY benefited from having Brandi with us as an amazing photographer AND an even better friend! As you can see HERE, she has been incredibly busy over the past 10 months and she has been continuing the La Brisa goal of taking photographs of amazing relationships!

Recently, I came across the following photograph during one of Brandi’s Joy Sessions and it truly stood out to me as the kind of photograph that is the expectation for La Brisa Photography¬†(my own hope and goal). A photograph that invokes so many emotions of love, joy and happiness while simultaneously being well composed, properly exposed and viewed from a unique perspective! Personally, if this was the only picture that I received as a client, I would be ecstatic! Brandi creates these types of images at every session and I feel¬†unbelievably¬†blessed to have her working with me!

I hope you all continue to enjoy Brandi’s creativity and talent as much as I do because she is still just scratching the surface of her capabilities! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! =)

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