Where does the time go? Seriously, I just get home from work and it’s already 11:45pm! WHAT? It never stops…time that is. It is constantly moving and daring us to keep up! This session is a prime example. About a year ago, Chris had the opportunity to debut one of our most loyal and adorable clients, The Olsen Family! Then, in September, it was my turn to photograph the awesome Olsen Family! Now, I am so very happy to post more photos of the charming Mr. Keaton Olsen! Oh, you haven’t heard? Yup, that’s right, he is all grown up and just celebrated his 1st birthday!!!

I absolutely cannot believe how much Keaton has grown! He is walking, eating and flirting all on his own (you know, the basic essentials), and I am so happy Jennifer and Luke asked me to capture some of his most memorable moments at his 1st birthday party!!! There were loving friends and family members, toys and balloons galore and who could forget the absolutely amazing zebra themed birthday cake! Keaton got one of his very first tastes of sugar and it was absolutely hilarious! He manhandled that thing!

There was even a special guest for the event, Scott, a friend of the Olsen’s, happened to be back on R&R and got to share in on Keaton’s big day! Chris photographed Ashley and Scott’s engagement session last year and I am honored to have had the opportunity to capture a few moments of them at the party!

Thank you Jennifer, Luke and Mr. Keaton Olsen for inviting me to the fabulous birthday party! I can’t wait to capture more of Keaton’s milestones! 

The adorable Grimseys!

Happy Birthday Keaton!!! =)