I met Jennifer and Phil for a super fun engagement session at Great Falls Park back in November and I instantly fell in love with their casual and laid back styles and their go-with-the-flow personalities! Good thing too because their wedding day will be a story that they will be telling their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and great great…you get the idea! There have been numerous nicknames for what occurred, but my favorite is what President Obama deemed Snowmaggedon! Epic amounts of snow fell Friday and Saturday in the greater NOVA/MD/DC area and unfortunately Jennifer and Phil’s Saturday wedding of 200+ guests was postponed from Saturday to hopefully on Sunday. The church would call them early in the morning if they could have the ceremony or not. Well, Sunday wasn’t to be the day for their wedding. So, on Monday, before their families were scheduled to leave, Jennifer and Phil were married at the beautiful Memorial Chapel at the University of Maryland!
Through the just passable roads and freeways, Jennifer and Phil were married in front of their 20 closest friends and family members. And being true to their nature, Jennifer and Phil handled everything with the greatest of ease and joy and I could not be happier for them! Unfortunately their reception was cancelled, but when I asked them what they would do to celebrate their wedding day…they said, “We’ll probably just BBQ at home.” That is why I love weddings: it is all about spending the rest of your lives together and nothing else matters!
Check out all of their pictures through their online gallery: Jennifer & Phil ~ Love!
There was just a tad bit of snow on the ground
A young photographer practicing his craft!
Seeing his soon to be wife for the first time
One of my favorites of the day!
This is what it looked like outside