For all of your photographers out there, how often do you just go out and shoot? Shoot for fun? Shoot to challenge yourself? Shoot to document your current life? Shoot for experience? I will go out on a limb and assume that your answer is probably not enough, right? Well, I currently live in Brooklyn and I am a photographer. What excuse do I need to go out and shoot? Admittedly, I have definitely not gone out to photograph enough while I have been out here and I need to take advantage of my time here as much as possible! So, here’s my challenge to you: at least twice a month, go out and take pictures with no real agenda, no real goal, just explore with your camera and I promise you that you will become a much better photographer after just a few outings. Go out and shoot! =)
Recently, I walked around New York City and this is what I saw…
In Plain Sight.
When’s the last time you’ve noticed a pay phone?

On Broadway

Where else can you see The Addams Family and then learn about Scientology next door?

Sometimes, waiting in line for hours doesn’t suit everyone

Flags + colors + people = Times Square

Is there anything more iconic than a sea of NYC taxi cabs?

American flags are everywhere in the city…all you gotta do is look up and you’ll find one somewhere!

It amazes me that traffic accidents don’t happen more often with the way taxi drivers are out here

Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center

Really enjoy how the shadows create a dramatic sun-kissed effect

I totally laughed aloud when I saw this. I think the people around me thought I was crazy!

Street vendors add to the diversity and fun of walking around this city

One of the coolest store entrances ever.

One of my favorite photos from my outing =)

Snow, Ice, Water, Sun and a beautiful sky

Brisa and I visited my sister in NYC in 2001 and I went ice skating for the first time ever at this rink in Central Park. It took me 45 minutes to get around the rink once with Brisa essentially holding me up the whole time…still don’t know how we didn’t fall!

Even through the craziness of the city, you can still find tranquility