Brisa is currently in a brutal stretch of working 12 days in a row and included in that, yesterday, she worked 12.5 hours, today, she’s working 12+ hours and tomorrow she’s working 16+ hours. Her next day off is next Monday. Poor thing. I do not know how she does it. Again, she’s amazing. And yes, I will take care of her royally. 
So in honor of her, I decided to treat myself to a little midday snack today. An oversized mug of hot chocolate made from our CocoMotion machine and an Apple Blossom from Trader Joe’s. Brisa got me hooked on super frothy hot chocolate from a CocoMotion (we make ours with milk) a long time ago and that paired with the Apple Blossom is heavenly. Special thanks to my sister and brother in law for getting me hooked on Apple Blossoms! 1 minute in the microwave and then add a little dollop of Cool Whip and enjoy! They are ridiculously good and cheap too! 
Sometimes when life is flying by, always remember to slow down and treat yourself to something you love (which, often in my case, is food focused 🙂