After numerous samples and checking out multiple companies, I have finally decided on a canvas company and I can not be more excited! Thanks to a host of recommendations via twitter ( from other photographers, I decided that all of my canvas wraps will be supplied by White House Custom Color. They do phenomenal work for everything else, so I have no idea why it took me this long to try their canvas wraps too! (Photographers, if you are looking for a professional printing company, I feel that WHCC is one of the best in the business period.)
I would be a failure of a photographer if I didn’t show you some samples of these amazing canvas wraps! Recently, we had a loss in the extended canine family, RIP Howie, so dear friends of Howie pitched in to buy a canvas wrap for his mom. They ordered a 16″x24″ wrap and it turned out beautifully well! What is great about these wraps is that you do not need to frame them because they look stunning directly on your walls! Here are a few pictures to show you what canvas wraps are all about 🙂
Straight on. I say it every time I see I this picture, but it is one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken!
I love how they mount completely flush against the wall

Here is the view from the bottom to show that there aren’t any gaps on any side of the wrap

Here is the wrap on the wall next to a framed 5″x7″ portrait

Thanks to my lovely wife for holding the wrap so you can see its dimensions

From now on, all canvas wraps will be ordered through WHCC and especially for my upcoming Photography for a Cause campaign in March! More information to follow! Feel free to contact me with any questions 🙂