I can’t believe I never blogged about this! The evening before Laura and Jake’s amazing wedding, Kristen Murphy Photography and Jenifriend Photography put together a little rendezvous with awesome photographers from around the area! We stuffed a lot of people into a tiny booth at Baja 600 where we enjoyed fun drinks, fantastic company and hilarious and loud conversation! Then we walked around The Plaza and do what we do….that’s right, we took pictures of us taking pictures! Yes, photographers are dorky like that. There was a fabulous turnout and we hung out well into the night! A huge thank you to Jeni and Kristen for getting things organized and I can’t wait till we can all do it again!

The rockin group of photographers and graphic designers!
Bill from William McNeil Photography – Manhattan, KS 
Brandi & Chris from La Brisa Photography – Brooklyn, NY & Manhattan, KS
Eric from ELS Photography – Manhattan, KS
Grant from Grant Watkins Photography – Manhattan, KS
Jason from Jason Atherton Photography – Kansas City, MO
Jeni from Jenifriend Photography – Olathe, KS
Kristen from Kristen Murphy Photography – Tonganoxie, KS
Lindsey & Sonya from Element Creative Studio (amazing graphic designers!) – Kansas City, MO
Mike from 4 Honor Photography – Kansas City, MO

Now, onto the pictures. For the most part, it felt like a black and white kind of shoot. I was testing out the high ISO capabilities of my Canon 5DII and so most of these are shot at ISO 6400. We can say that I was infinitely impressed 🙂

The gorgeous Jeni


Grant in action

The Human Tripod…she swears it works!

The mysterious Jeni

Grant. Stud. Period.

Mike in action

Mike looking to the heavens

Brandi seeing and creating shots that only she can

Jason striking a pose

Showing Eric some flash techniques

Bill in action

Kristen – ready to take on the world

Absolutely love how you can see Brandi chillin in this shot!

Last shot of the evening