On a delightfully pleasant evening in Maryland, I had the absolute pleasure in spending a little bit of time with the Wong family. They were so gracious with their time and hospitality and with a daughter as cute as theirs, it was definitely hard to leave!
After inviting me into their home, I took a few candids and then we ventured out to this beautiful park area behind their backyard. Seriously, it is a photographer’s delight! With a long grassy shoot and trees and playgrounds, I could have taken a billion pictures there. Luckily, for the Wongs, I showed some self-restraint 🙂 Then to top it off, apparently deer run wild throughout the area too! Unfortunately, we did not see any, but we took plenty of time to avoid their friendly deposits as we walked around 🙂
Even better was the fact that GRANDPA had just arrived earlier in the day and so we definitely had to include him on the shoot as well! We had a wonderful time playing on the swings! Then, I grabbed the parents for a few quick shots in the middle of the beautiful field! And, can I just ask, how cute are these two? They act like they have just fallen in love with each other!
Someday, I hope to own a home just like the Wong family! What a beautiful and perfect place to raise a family! Thank you again so much for having me take your family photos! Take a few minutes to click on their slideshow below too! 🙂
To view all of their pictures, check out their online gallery: The Wong Family!
How KEY-UTE are they???
Check out their rockin slideshow! 🙂