I love my job. Seriously, for a couple hours at a time (or a whole day – @weddings), I have the opportunity to remove my clients from the rigors, stresses and hardships of their day-to-day lives and have them refocus on each other. How awesome is that? That is why I entitled my family portraits as “Joy Sessions” because it is nearly impossible to not be joyful during them! 🙂
Sara, Peter and their adorably cute daughter, Ada, were an incredibly fun family to photograph! With so much style and personality, they just evoked a tangible ambiance that made me feel like I was hanging out with the cool kids. You know what I mean?  We started off at their beautiful home and then walked around to a nearby park to finish off the session. I always like to include a few shots of just the parents because I often find that most couples do not have any great photos of each other after they get married and that makes me sad 🙁 Nonetheless, the best part of their session was how Ada is only a few weeks younger than my oldest nephew and like I wrote in a previous post, I just love love playing and interacting with children that age now because it reminds me of my own family!
Thank you again so much for inviting me into your home to take pictures of your family! Hope you like them!
I am mixing things up a bit and showing you a little slideshow (2 minutes) I put together first and then some photos! Let me know what you think! 🙂