Okay, what do you get when you combine the best friend of Sara (check out her awesome senior portraits: HERE), Konza Prairie and another killer Fall day? That’s right! ANOTHER amazing shoot…this time with Brianna!
We switched it up and started out at Konza Prarie, where the wild flowers were still in bloom and after a twenty minute hike we finally found the mysterious limestone buildings I had been informed about. After wandering back through the prairie and capturing some truly majestic shots, you know the ones where the wind and sun hit just right, we decided to chase the sunset back to campus. The clouds were covering the last rays as we set up a few beautiful shots on KState campus and dashed for the Tuttle Creek observation point for a windy finish. Brianna’s beauty and individuality shone brilliantly throughout our session! From her gorgeous smile to her coy model-esque looks, I had a difficult time trying to STOP taking pictures of her!
What an exciting shoot, thank you Brianna for such a fantastic session! You can view all of Brianna’s pictures through her online gallery: Brianna – Senior Portraits!
Hello ANTM (America’s Next Top Model – for those not up with the lingo)!
You can view a slideshow of Brianna’s rockin pictures by clicking on the following link (feel free to play your own favorite music!): Brianna’s Senior Portraits Slideshow!