I have known Tricia since she was two years old, still in diapers and still sporting the beautiful bright red hair she has now. I traveled to Iowa to shoot Tricia on a beautiful August day. Tricia and my sister Morgan have been friends for years, always laughing and joking around so it was an easy decision to ask Morgan to come with us for the shoot. Morgan is becoming a good little assistant, she makes my clients laugh, carries some of my equipment and is learning all of the different gear.
We were able to peruse around their land for hours and shoot in a variety of different locations, a telephone booth, against a silo, in a hammock, on a bridge, on a dock, and of course in a tree! The tree shots were the highlight of the day, I have the images and the scars to prove it. No, really, I fell out of a tree, that’s how important photography and my clients are to me. We continued the shoot with a few great family shots with Tricia’s mom and dad, Lorraine and Dennis, and then to a nearby lake and outlook. Its funny how the most beautiful locations I find always look so familiar when the sun is setting.
One major lesson I learned on this shoot is how much I miss this family. You guys are great and I am so thankful that you chose me to take Tricia’s photos, it was an honor.
You can view all of Tricia’s senior portraits through her online gallery: Tricia – Senior Portraits!