When I went down to the Washington D.C. area, I had the chance to photograph two amazing families: The Bowker Family and the Yeh Family! The Yehs are quite dear to my heart because it is my sister’s family and Matthias is my oldest nephew! Plus, I think this is my first actual full blog post about a photo session with my family so I’m super excited!
As most of you know, I absolutely adore my family and I am so blessed that I can give a little bit back to them with the gift of photography! For their session, we kept things simple. Some candid moments around the house and then we walked around their beautiful neighborhood and grabbed a few moments of the happy, healthy and smiley family together! So much love between the three of them and I think my sister in law said it best when she described the Yehs as “parents who blend their child into their lifestyles; instead of having their child dictate their lifestyle.” I don’t think I could describe them any better!
Much love to the Yeh family and I can’t wait to see Matty grow up and see you both deal with him! 🙂

You can view all of their pictures through their online gallery: The Yeh Family! Enjoy!

Photo credit: Jennifer Yeh 🙂
Time to EAT!
A little smushy face action with mom!
If you can look past his adorable chubby legs, check out this cute kicks!
This one makes me laugh everytime I see it! Love his cheeks! 🙂
Matty decided to go for a little ride on his friend, Mr. Elephant
Look Mom and Dad! No hands!!!
Love this shot 🙂
Love this family!