Jacqui and Brandon possibly had the worst start ever for an engagement session! Prior to meeting up with us, they a) lost their keys, b) therefore, couldn’t lock their apartment when they left and c) on the their less than 5 minute walk to meet us, one of Jacqui’s heels broke! And as someone who relishes shoes as much as Jacqui does…let’s just say she was not too happy about it! However, with only someone of her exquisite grace, Jacqui proceeded on and did not let it stop her from having a fabulous engagement session!

As you may have noticed, during the month of July, I had quite a few assistants shadowing my shoots just to show them how/what I do during my sessions. So special thanks to Brandi, of La Brisa Photography, Eric of ELS Photography and Sara of Sara Mays Photography for helping me out again!
We started out at Kansas State University campus and then headed out to Pillsbury Crossing to get a little wet! 🙂 Hopefully I won’t offend him, but I totally consider Brandon a gentle giant. He’s incredibly loyal, comforting and reaffirming with his presence and love to his beautiful fiance, Jacqui. Jacqui is unbelievably sweet, hedonistic (yup, look it up) and happy. I think the best way that you can ever describe someone is happy and to me, Jacqui is happy all the time! Together, Jacqui and Brandon are perfect complements to each other and they undeniably care and support one another.

Thank you so much for selecting me to take your engagement photos! Best of luck to you both with your planning and upcoming wedding!

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Enjoy your photos! 🙂