Courtney has been a fabulous supportive of my photography since the very beginning when I had no idea of what I was doing! After two years of momentous occasions, from a Thanksgiving family session, to her engagement pictures, to her wedding and now to her firstborn son, I definitely feel like I’m part of the family!!! 🙂

Now, I’d like to introduce you to Edward, aka, Eddie. Eddie is a big baby. Like Shaq-big and strong and awesome! He put up with all of us on a ridiculously hot day without a fuss. We ended up turning the Beach session into a mini workshop, so I brought along the following fabulous photographers:

Courtney and John were as gracious as always and allowed all of us to pour into their home and poke and prod Eddie to our hearts’ delight. Eddie, thankfully taking after his parents, was super calm and did not seem to mind our intrusion into his daily routine one bit! He even fell asleep for a little while! Can’t wait to see little Eddie grow up and terrorize his parents like I absolutely know he will! It’s a karma thing, right Courtney and John??? 🙂

Thanks again for allowing all of us to roll through Riley, KS and take pictures of your beautiful family! Can’t wait to be there for the next big event…baby Beach #2, anyone??? =)

To view the entire session and order any prints, check out their online gallery: The Beach Family! Hope you enjoy the photos!

gotta love the behind the scenes shots! 🙂