Originally, for my Aspiring Photographer Workshop V, I wanted to do a bridal session, but that did not work out so well 🙁 I think it was for the best though because we had an AWESOME time! 10 rockin photographers of all experience levels and camera equipment joined us for a fun fun workshop! We had two couples model for us and they were absolutely fabulous! So natural in front of the camera and they all had tons of personality too! The goal of the workshop was to show photographers how to work with the couples to grab those moments (i.e. moneymakers) in between the poses and from the photos that I’ve seen…they nailed it! Love sharing about photography and by no means do I consider myself an authority in the field, I just really really enjoy helping photographers develop and spreading the photography love! 🙂
Thanks everyone for coming and I am looking forward to APW VI this coming Sunday!!!
Kelsey Smith Photography
Amanda Staats Photography
Melanie Summers Photography
Eric Sanford Photography
Brandi Mussack Photography
Ada Davis Photography
Amanda Seymour Photography
See what I mean? APW Models = AWESOMENESS!!! 🙂