Shauna and Davis wanted just because photos of the two of them and I was super happy to oblige because they are soooo incredibly cute together! They were both classmates with Brisa at the vet school and they have become two of our best friends! So it was super fun to go out and take a few photos for them as they head on to working full time! We headed out to the beautiful Konza Prairie to take some fun photos and it was so awesome just being able to hang out with these two because they are just so wonderful together! Can’t you just tell by the way that they look at each other that it is for real? Seriously, the love that these two convey for each other with their eyes is unparalleled! 
Best of luck to you both in your new careers and thanks again for having me take your photos! To view and order prints, visit their online gallery: Shauna & Brian!
So we tried for what felt like EVER for this next couple of shots. Execution (from me) = poor. Effort (from them) = off the charts! Thanks for humoring me!!!