For our fourth Aspiring Photographer Workshop (APW IV), I focused on how to shoot a family portrait session using limited backgrounds and harsh light. The gorgeous and lovable Powers family were our willing models and they were awesome! Besides, how can you not like Parker Powers? With a name like that, it just makes you smile after you say it. Seriously, repeat it a couple of times in your head or aloud (maybe quietly so you don’t get too many weird looks) and you’ll soon be smiling too! Parker Powers! 🙂
Thanks to all of the photographers who came out! I had an amazing time talking and sharing about photography and so hopefully you all were able to gain some new experience and techniques! Six photographers joined the party and they took some fantastic shots!
Photographers who attended:
Amanda Staats Photography
Jill Grogg Photography
Lauren Sanders Photography
Michelle Palmer Photography
I’ll be hosting APW V ~ Bridals/Couples on June 28th! Please let me know if you are interested in attending!
To view all of the images from the APW IV/Powers Family session, click on their online gallery: The Powers Family!
Doesn’t the name Parker Powers make you think of a superhero? Well, here he is on his way to fight evil! 
One of my favorite shots ever! That’s right, I went there! FSE baby! Yes, I often realize and am reminded of how ridiculously lame I am 🙂