Joey & Jundee. They met in the same area in the Philippines. He lives in New York. She lives in Kansas. They wanted to celebrate their one year anniversary in style with some awesome pictures. They met in Kansas and I am glad that I could help! 🙂
We started on campus at K-State in front of the beautiful Hale Library and had an wonderful time walking around, chatting it up about New York and getting to know each other better. I think every couple should get fun anniversary pictures because it truly rekindles the love and excitement that you two shared right before marriage and it is a great way to update your profile pictures too! 🙂 Brisa and I haven’t taken any fun and creative pictures since our wedding…hmm, anyone interested in doing a session of us??? 
Congratulations on your anniversary! Thanks again for a special session filled with laughter, smiles, playful sparing and happiness! 🙂
You can view all of the pictures from your session and order professional prints through your online gallery: Carcallas-Cainong ~ 1 year anniversary!