Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to assist awesome Erica of at Sarah and Nick’s wedding in Manhattan! Erica has been a great mentor, friend and motivator during the development and success of my businses and so I will be forever grateful to her! You can view her rockin pictures from this wedding here. I gotta admit, it was much much more relaxing being the second photographer and focusing on the little details and candids and I loved the opportunity to open up my creativity and try out new perspectives and angles!

Shot some groom portraits with Nick…

Love the colors of the bouquet and the details of Sarah’s dress…

By far, one of my favorite photos of the day!

A little action shot of Erica! 🙂

One of the cutest flower girls EVER!

Erica’s husband and fellow ericamay photography assistant Jeff looking good as always!

How cute are they? Come on!!! Don’t you just want to eat them up (not literally, of course)???

Then time for some way fun formals in the bitter cold at K-State. All of the bridesmaids were absolute troopers for dealing with the elements, but Sarah outshined them all and looked absolutely radiant!

Not quite sure what was going on here…

and then some more action shots of Erica!

and I’ll leave you with this shot. Probably one of the coolest and smoothest moves that photographers can do: a simultaneous double lens switcheroo!

Thanks again Erica for allowing me to shoot with you! Congrats to Sarah and Nick for an absolutely beautiful wedding and best of luck to you both in your future together! You can view more pictures by going to and clicking on “Clients”! 🙂