In elementary, middle and high school, I was a totally romantic sap. Seriously. All of my friends thought so and I didn’t mind it so much because I enjoyed being that way. When I first started dating Brisa, I did all of these little things for her (like buy an In-an-Out Burger and McDonald’s fries to get the best of both worlds and taking her homemade chocolate covered strawberries to her office).

As many of you know, Brisa recently had her tonsils removed and she’s been absolutely miserable 🙁 and it kills me to see her this way! Through her, I’ve grown so much and I learned that just being there for her and taking care of her at her weakest points is more poignant and everlasting than any gift I could ever give her (although they do help as well).

So for Valentine’s Day 2009, I encourage all of you to hold those you close… tighter than ever and just cherish the love you share for each other.

I leave you with one of our rare, but recent photographs together. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!